DLVSYSTEM s.r.l. (est. 2005) is a spin-off company of University of Calabria.

The current business environment, characterized by frequent and unpredictable changes, is increasingly demanding for novel strategies that support organizational competences and business paradigms. In particular, knowledge creation represents the core competence of any organization, becoming essential for the business evolution in the long run. Technologies, though effective, can not ensure innovation and creativity, unless coupled with the capacity of creating new knowledge through an ongoing process of learning. A synergic combination of knowledge management strategies and information technologies is what the DLVSYSTEM group is able to offer for helping in:

  • managing business environments
  • shortening product development cycles
  • capitalizing increased knowledge in the development of products and services
  • solving hard problems in a number of high-value application domains

The company mainly focuses on research on and development of the DLV system, with the purpose of licensing the core system as well as a comprehensive suite of DLV-based solutions aimed at knowledge intensive applications. Indeed, other than being packaged as a stand-alone solution, the DLV system constitutes the technological basis for providing (or integrating into a) larger solution to enable organizations solving knowledge-based business problems. Moreover, DLVSYSTEM s.r.l provides consultancy and support for its use in an industrial context. Indeed, based on real-world experience, the company offers a comprehensive approach to intelligence gathering and knowledge management for partners in industry and companies to exploit business information for competitive advantage.