Our customers range from academic to business and government markets. Since 1997 the DLV project has been extended with several front-ends tailored to specific actions, and more an more systems appear which wrap around the DLV system. Besides the academical research, the DLV system has been successfully applied in several industrial applications.

With respect to the business market, DLVSYSTEM s.r.l refers to the Information and Communication Technology market, and in particular to the segments of Knowledge Management, E-Learning and Information-Integration. Our target consists of both software houses interested in enhancing their platforms by enriching them with intelligent and adaptive capabilities and companies asking for specific knowledge-based applications.

The DLVSYSTEM s.r.l has long standing established partnerships or working relationships with several universities and organizations. Our partnerships include:

  • Technology Partners
 Artémat s.r.l. http://www.artemat.it/
 Centro di Competenza ICT-SUD S.Ca r.l http://www.cc-ict-sud.it/wiki/
 Exeura s.r.l http://www.exeura.eu
 Methodi s.r.l http://www.methodi.it/
 Thematica s.r.l http://www.thematica.it/
  • Scientific Partners
 Department of Mathematics - University of Calabria (Italy)
 Institute of Information Systems- University of Technology of Vienna (Austria)
 University of Oxford (UK)