The DLVSYSTEM s.r.l was founded in 2005 by professors and researchers from University of Calabria, Technical University of Vienna and University of Oxford in order to promote one of the most successful and widely used systems for advanced database applications, knowledge representation and reasoning (DLV). As a research spin-off from the University of Calabria, the DLVSYSTEM s.r.l actively colaborates with the Unical, the Department of Mathematics.

For the last few years, DLVSYSTEM s.r.l has been actively involved in several projects. In particular,the DLV system is already at the core of several commercial knowledge management applications, such as information classification and automatic text extraction.

In 2008 DLVSYSTEM s.r.l won the PIA Competition (Pacchetti Integrati di Agevolazione Industria, Artigianato e Servizi) receiving funds for 358.948,20 EUR. Notably, DLVSYSTEM was among the top ten winners, having submitted a business development plan consisting of a plan for innovation, aimed at industrialize and extend the DLV product, as well as a training plan for enriching the professional profile of the staff.

The business development plan aims at extending and industrializing the core product of the company, that is the DLV system. The product, already used in research centers and universities around the world, promises to make an important step towards industrial use. The business development plan of DLVSYSTEM s.r.l. consists of a (1) Business and Innovation Plan and a (2) Training Plan. (1) The plan for business innovation is based on a relevant Research Project and Technological Development. The project aims at (a) Improving the functionality already available in the DLV system, by exploiting new algorithms and optimization techniques to make the system more efficient and able to handle large amounts of data; (b) Extend and Strengthen DLV with new features required by real applications that want to successfully apply the system, (c) Develop specialization of the system in two real application domains: Data Integration and Knowledge Management. (2) The training plan is designed to provide the staff with the necessary knowledge assuring a successful participation in the Research and Development Project. To accomplish the ambitious objectives of the project it is necessary to work on several aspects, involving the designing of new evaluation algorithms, the definition of optimization techniques as well as extensions and upgrades of the system. The training is oriented to two main areas: artificial intelligence, with a particular attention on the Knowledge Representation and Management field, and advanced techniques for the design and development of complex software.
15/07/2009 the Administrative Council of the University of Calabria unanimously recognized the DLVSYSTEM s.r.l Academic Spin Off.
DLVSYSTEM s.r.l. is among the winners of the Competition “PROGETTO C.R.E.S.C.I.T.A FASE PRE-INCUBAZIONE” promoted and realized by the Calpark S.C.p.A. -Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico della Calabria- and founded by the Ministry of Economic Development (under ministerial decree dated 27 gen 2005). The C.R.E.S.C.I.T.A. project aims at realizing in Calabria promotion as well as technical assistance and economic-financial support, by creating an interdisciplinary center, hosting an incubator that provides services and support for innovative start-ups operating in fields with high technological impact, mainly substeined by the top-level research carried out at universities and research centers in the following areas: science and technology for the quality of life and health; science and technology of materials and nano-technologies; science and technology for an information society and communication.

The pre-incubation stage consists in “training, consulting and assistance” for the development of the business plan. The objective of this phase is to provide to the proponents of innovative business ideas, selected through announcement, the basic operational tools needed to define a business plan and to manage their business ideas.