This is the homepage of DLVK , which implements a frontend for the language K to the DLV system.


The language K is a logic-based planning language which – unlike previously proposed languages of this kind – is well-suited for representing incomplete knowledge. For a thorough description of the language we refer to Planning under Incomplete Knowledge by Thomas Eiter, Wolfgang Faber, Nicola Leone, Gerald Pfeifer, and Axel Polleres.

Graphical User Interface

For better readability of plans and the output of our planning frontend Jürgen Oberhofer has created a GUI available at SourceForge written in Tcl/TK.

Publications and Info

Publications on DLVK and some more information on our planning project can be found at the official project page.


We suggest to run some of them to get familiar with the system.

command line: DLV blocks_world.plan sussman.plan sussman.dl -FP -N=3

command line: DLV blocks_world_assured.plan sussman_incomplete.plan sussman_incomplete.dl -FP -N=4

command line: DLV yale.plan -FP -N=1

command line: DLV monkey.plan monkey.dl -FP -N=4

command line: DLV monkey_incomplete.plan monkey.dl -FP -N=4

command line: DLV rocket.plan rocket.dl -FP -N=3

Some more examples (these encodings were used for benchmarks in Technical Report INFSYS RR-1843-01-12 “A Logic Programming Approach to Knowledge-State Planning, II: The DLVK System”):

command line: e.g. DLV blocks.plan P.bk P3.plan -N=7 -FP -planlength=8

Use option -N to specify the number of blocks, e.g. -N=7 means that there are 8 blocks numbered 0,…,7 in this example

e.g. command line for BMTC(4,2) with concurrent actions: DLV bmtc.plan concurrency.plan bt2.bk -N=4 -FPsec -planlength=3

Use option -N to specify the number of packages, e.g. -N=4 means that there are 4 packages numbered 1,…,4 in this example

Even more examples (some showing the new cost optimal planning features of our system which we presented at JELIA’02):

command line: DLV tsp.plan tsp.bk -FP -N=10

command line: DLV crossing.plan crossing.bk -FP -planlength=7

command line: DLV sheep_wolves.plan sheep_wolves.bk -FP

An encoding of sokoban in K, with some example levels packed in a gzipped tar file. Refer to the README file for details.