Besides ad-hoc solutons, the company offers the following main software products.

DLV is a deductive database system, based on disjunctive logic programming, which offers front-ends to several advanced KR formalisms. It has been conceived by an Italian-Austrian research team (of the University of Calabria and the Vienna University of Technology).

DLVDB is an extension of the well known logic-based system DLV designed both to handle input and output data distributed on several databases. It provides flexible and easy interfaces with external databases, taking full advantage of the well assessed optimization techniques implemented in the current DBMSs for improving reasoning efficiency.

The DLV Wrapper is a library, actually implemented in Java that wraps the DLV system inside an external application, allowing to embed disjunctive logic programs inside Object-Oriented source code.

ASPIDE is a Integrated Development Environment for Answer Set Programming supporting the entire life-cycle of ASP development, from (assisted) programs editing to application deployment.

JDLV is a new programming framework blending DLV with Java programming.

Other Tools
Here you can find links to other DLV extensions.

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